Thursday, August 16, 2012

MAC StyleSeeker

Hello all..
     SOOOO as some of you may know mac has recently released their new collection Style Seeker online. The collection will be available in stores August 23.  This line has 3 blushes in Hidden Treasure (a rich burnt red), Worldly Wealth (shimmery peachy bronze), and Supercontinental (bright coral).
   They also have some mattene lipsticks, lipglasses, eyeshadow duos, fluidlines, and some nail polishes... I only purchased two things from this collection(Hidden Treasure, and Worldly Wealth) because I'm trying to save for the Marilyn  Monroe collection that should be coming out (late september early october).

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Urban Decay Massive sale!!!

Hello all.. just writing to tell you that urban decay is having a great sale today! The sale is available on Hautelook as well as the urban decay website. A few of the things on sale include tons of the vintage individual eyeshadows at $9 each, The black palette at $16, The vegan palette $13, The skull shadow box  at $12, along with lipstick, lipgloss, and body powder among other things. If you want to catch the sale early (before it opens on hautelook go to urban decay's website). However, if you miss out on something it may still be available through hautelook just click the link below:


Urban decay:

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color: Hazy Hazel, Pretty N' Pink, and Day 2 Night.

Hello, so this is my final post reviewing the E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colors. Today I'm going to review the following quads: Hazy Hazel, Pretty N' Pink, and Day 2 Night. These are just fun quads that you can use to add a little color to your eyes without looking like a clown lol.

Hazy Hazel:

Best Color(s): The first and third colors are the best. The first is a very soft and smooth matte brown that is perfect for the crease. The third color is a nice matte light purple, that can be used to create great daytime looks.
Worst Color(s): The second and fourth colors are the worst. The second color is very chalky and is not pigmented. The fourth color is a little more pigmented and is a weird green gold color.
Would I repurchase/recommend: No, because although I do like some colors, I think that they should be more pigmented even though they are matte colors.

Pretty N' Pink:

Best Color(s):The first three colors are the best. The first color is a nice soft and creamy highlight(although it can easily become chalky). The second color is a very pretty soft baby pink. The third is a deeper more berry pink. All of these colors are soft and apply very nicely, however, be careful not to use too much because it can become chalky.
Worst Color(s): The worst color is the fourth color. It was very chalky and almost impossible to get an even application.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes. The first three colors are lovely. I love the fact that there are different shades of pinks, making any look easily changeable.

Day 2 Night:

Best Color(s): All of the colors are really good in this quad. The first is a good highlight (although it can get a bit chalky). The second is a beautiful purple, however, it is not as pigmented as it looks in the pan. The third color is a nice charcoal matte black. The fourth color is a pretty light coopery brown.
Worst Color(s): The only bad thing about this quad is that some of the colors look different then they do in the pan, some take a bit to build up, and the first one can be a bit chalky.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes. The colors in this quad are pretty and make it easy to compose a simple look.

Best Quad of the three: The best is Pretty N' Pink(Day 2 Night would be first it pink wasn't my favorite color) because it gives you different tones of pink that can compliment any look.
Worst Quad of the three: Hazy Hazel is the worst because of the lack of pigmentation in some of the colors, however. it is good that they put a lot of matte colors in that quad.

Overall, I enjoyed trying these quads and if I could I would not purchase (Nouveau Neutrals) a few of them(see previous posts), but some of them I am truly glad that I did(drama), and they were well worth the $1. These quads make traveling with  eyeshadows easy and worry free, because should it get misplaced on a trip, it is not difficult or killing my wallet to replace.

Til' next time,

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color: Luxe, Brownstone, and Nouveau Neutrals.

Hello, So in only two more posts(including this one), I will be finished reviewing the E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color quads! Today I'm going to review the next three on the list, which are Luxe, Brownstone, and Nouveau Neutrals. These quads seem like they would be great for fall time looks for the school year. So lets get started...

Best Color(s): All of them are great colors. They are definitely perfect for the next season(fall).
Worst Color(s): The second color was a bit difficult to swatch because of the texture of the shadow(it felt dry). However, the color is great once you can build it up.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes! The colors are beautiful. I have a feeling I will be using this a lot this upcoming fall. These are great colors that just fit the season so well.


Best Color(s): The first three colors are good (not great). It has a good highlight color and a good blending color, with two colors for the crease. This is a good quad for someone looking for a lighter smokey eye, with less shimmer.
Worst Color(s): Some of the colors have little (but manageable) pigmentation, and can be a bit chalky. The last color was the worst as far as pigmentation, but it will still show up.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes, because this quad seems to be more matte. It has a lot of good neutral colors and has good blending colors.

Nouveau Neutrals:

Best Color(s): None
Worst Color(s): All. The first color is chalky and has a lot of fallout. The second color is an odd looking mildew/mint green. The third color is an extremely chalky soft peach, and the last color looks nothing like it does in the pan(even though if I had to pick one, it would be the best color in the quad). 
Would I repurchase/recommend: No, because the colors are not very pigmented and some are very chalky.

Best quad of the three: Luxe was the best quad because of the colors that were incorporated into the quad. They are very fall-ish colors which will be great for going back to school. 
Worst quad of the three: Nouveau Neutrals. Mainly because the other two quads were more useful (Luxe is perfect for fall and Brownstone is good for a subtle smokey eye). And this quad lacked pigment in many of the colors.

Overall, the first two are good quads for the fall and I know they will be used until the end. The last one is terrible. I will probably pass this on to one of my little cousins to play dress up with.

Til' Next time,

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colors: Silver Lining, Ivy and Blue Moon

Hello, so I'm continuing on my journey to review the E.L.F. Brightening eye colors. Today I'm going to review the colors: Sliver Lining, Ivy, and Blue Moon. These colors are great for more toned down looks that you would wear to the office or on a nice sunny day. So onto the review...

Silver Lining:

Best Color(s): All of them are great colors. They are all very pigmented, and smooth. The only thing is they are a little soft so use a light hand when applying.
Worst Color(s): None, but the fourth color was a bit chalky and had some fallout, but nothing major.
Would I repurchase/recommend:Yes! I love this quad and the colors are very nice, pigmented, and creamy.


Best Color(s): The second and third colors are the best. They are very pretty colors that can create a nice springy look.
Worst Color(s): The first and last colors are the worst because of the lack of pigmentation and the chalky-ness.
Would I repurchase/recommend:Yes, because of the two gorgeous colors in the middle. They are good enough to be worn together for a soft gold/green look.

Blue Moon:

Best Color(s): All of them. They are all very soft with great pigmentation. All of the colors are nice especially the highlight color.
Worst Color(s): None, except they all contain the same amount of shimmer, so if you were looking for a more matte look this is not the one for you.
Would I repurchase/recommend:Yes. It is a great quad with fun shimmer colors. They apply great and all look great together.

Best Quad out of the three: Silver Lining (Blue Moon is  a close second). It had all great colors, which were great for summertime office looks. No major problems with this quad.
Worst Quad out of the three: Ivy. Although it has two really nice colors, some of them are less pigmented and very chalky.

Overall, these quads are all ones that I would repurchase because of the nice color pay off of some of the colors. These are all good for giving you a nice done up look without making you seem overdone.

Til' next time,

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colors: Teal Dream, Drama, and Rocker

Hello!! Sooo.. onto the next few eyeshadows from E.L.F.'s Brightening Eye colors! These three are colorful and look great for a fun summertime look on the boardwalk. The three quads I'll be reviewing today are Teal Dream, Drama, and Rocker.

Teal Dream:
Best Color(s): The best colors in this quad are the last two colors. They have the most pigment (although the third one is more pigmented than the fourth), and they are very smooth and add a great pop of color to any look.
Worst Color(s): The worst colors are the first two, especially the second one. I literally had to dig in the color to get any pigment, the little color that showed up seemed iridescent. The first color is very chalky.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Probably not, although the last two colors are good, I feel that I have enough greens to go without this quad due to the first two colors being duds.


Best Color(s): The last three are great colors. They all have great pigmentation and go on smoothly. The only problem I could find was that the colors were a bit soft, so you need to apply them with a light hand.
Worst Color(s): Maybe the first one because when I first got this quad, the first color was great and went on smooth, however, after about two weeks it seemed to dry up.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes. It is one of the best E.L.F. quads and it is perfect for a smokey look. I wold definitely repurchase this item again.


Best Color(s): The second and last colors are the best. The second is a beautiful soft peach that looks great on probably any skin tone. The fourth color is a great nice smokey black/grey.
Worst Color(s): The worst colors are the first and third colors. The first one was chalky and had a lot of fallout because of the glitter. The third color looks darker in the pan than it shows on the skin.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes because the good colors in this quad allow you to create a good look with the use of those two colors alone.

Best Quad out of the three: Drama. This is the perfect quad for anyone who likes a smokey eye. It contains the perfect(minus the highlight) colors to make smokey eyes while traveling.  
Worst Quad out of the three: Teal Dream, This is a quad I could do without. Although there are good colors, it isn't really worth the amount of effort it takes to create a look with this quad.

Overall, these quads were okay I would like to see the highlight colors improved and hopefully they will try to eliminate some of the chalky-ness in a lot of the colors. 

Til' next time,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Glam Bag!

SOOO I am so happy about this month's myglam bag! It was a great bag and I'm glad that I stuck with my subscription. This month we received five items instead of the usual four. There were two "or" items in the bag, but both choices were good, it seemed that most people either received the Buxom lip gloss and the juice beauty moisturizer or they received the Kiehl's lotion and the Josie Maran lip and cheek stain. Both seem like good options, at first I was hoping to get the cheek stain, but realized I would probably only use it once, so I was happy to receive the lip gloss instead.
This is the card with a list of all of the products that we have(or could have) received this month!
This is the bag for this month. At first I didn't think I would like it too much, but it is actually a nice bag, it has a mesh-y like material so that you can take this bag to the beach and water can slide right through it. This would also be great to take to hotels to use as a place to sit your shampoo and conditioner if there is not a place available. 
I LOVE THIS GLOSS!! It is amazing, I love everything about it-- from the tingle it leaves on my lips (to let me know that its still there and working) to the smell and shine of the gloss. This (although I didn't know it at first,) is a bare escentuals product. This is the mini and there is a larger size one available. The color I received is Leslie (which is a soft peachy pink with tiny shimmers in it).  
WOW this product smells so good(green apples)! My entire glam bag smelled like this. Its a good moisturizer and has SPF in it. I would def. repurchase when I run out. This product comes with a little piece of foil covering the opening to ensure freshness(at least I think that's why lol). 
Another NUME product..... well I haven't tried it yet but I have color treated and dry hair so we'll see how good it is... even though I wish they would have given us the shampoo as well.. But they also gave us a coupon for 50% off any product. 
These wipes are very nice and feel soft and gently on the skin. They smell good and are great for traveling. However, I don't think that they are the best at removing makeup. But I would probably still repurchase them because of the quality. I am very happy that they sent these to try because I had always wanted to try them but never got around to buying them.
Wow! I didn't know Andrea's Choice was coming out with her own line of products!! I actually found out that the same people/company that started myglam is the one that is helping her develop her line. Only downside is that her theme reminds me of Britney Spears (Circus). I'm happy to see that she is venturing out and creating her own brand and hopefully she keeps the same good quality that she put into this nail polish into her other products. In our bag we either received white or yellow nail polish. The container it comes in is very cute! The nail polish itself is in a nice glass jar with a silver ball inside to keep the ingredients mixed. The yellow has good color pay off and is not as bright as I expected. 

Overall this bag was great and I hope myglam keeps up the great work! Sadly, something tells me that we might get a few bags that aren't so good and then on their one year anniversary they may give an awesome bag, but I'm hoping to be dead wrong and the upcoming bags turn out wonderful.

Til' next time,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colors: Butternut, Punk Funk, and Ocean Dreams


SO.. I recently purchased 15(I KNOW I'm crazy!!) of the E.L.F. Brightening Eye colors and I decided to do a review on each of them (3 at a time) because I had trouble finding reviews or swatches of them for myself. So in order to make it a quick and easy process, I'll show you the quad, the swatches, and tell you which colors are the best and worst .. onto the review


Best color(s): The 4th cooper-ish color is pretty and the best color from this quad.
Worst color(s): The First three are mute to me and require a lot of work to get any color payoff.
Would I repurchase/recommend: No, for me this quad did very little, it was not as pigmented as I expected and the colors(outside of the fourth) did not show up true to color for me.

Punk Funk:

Best color(s):The last three are beautiful, a bit soft, but very nice colors.
Worst color(s): The first one is a bit chalky and takes a bit of work.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes, 3/4 of the colors are wonderful and very useful for a variety of different looks.

Ocean Dreams:

Best color(s): The 2nd and 3rd colors because they are very pigmented and glide on nicely.
Worst color(s): The first and the last because the first was a bit chalky and the glitter gave a bit of fall out and the last color, although it is one of my favorites because it is such a soft color, looks a bit deeper  and more purple in the pan.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes, all of the colors show up without too much effort, although the shadows seem a little soft.

Best Quad out of the three: It's almost a tie between punk funk and ocean dreams but if I were to choose one to repurchase it would be ocean dreams, because for me all of the colors had enough pigmentation to show up and they all could be used with ease. The colors also seemed more wearable (to work, school, and a night out).
Worst Quad out of the three: Butternut because of the lack of pigmentation and for me the colors that did manage to show up seemed dull.

Overall, I have noticed that the lighter colors that you would use to highlight are more chalky and less pigmented than the other colors. A few of the colors, specifically the ones that you would expect the most pigmentation from are very soft and although the color shows up nicely, you need to use a soft brush and a light hand to avoid excessive fallout. The eyeshadows surprised me because they stay on all day and don't crease(when using a primer first of course)! In regards to the packaging, I find it to be very nice for the price ($1). It's sturdy and comes with a little applicator and small mirror(which is too small to actually use regularly, but it is there... if you absolutely have nothing else!). One of the things that I initially thought was going to be a problem for me was the size of the eyeshadows, but when I thought about it I rarely use an eyeshadow often enough to finish it, so I know I won't need that much, so these will probably last me forever, and if they start to expire it won't kill my bank to repurchase the ones I like.

Til' next time

Friday, June 15, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!


So I received my free beauty bag from target!! :) Its a very nice bag and I would even compare it to the myglam bag, except the target one is free! When comparing it to the myglam bag, the target bag is made of better quality (in my opinion) and includes travel sized items and coupons. The bag is given out every few months and all you do to get one like them on facebook and enter your contact information. So onto the products...
This is the bag, its a nice size and pretty thick (thicker than any of the myglam bags).

Cute color, goes on smooth. I might buy this in stores.. but then again I already have so many lipsticks lol..

Glad they include this since it's summer! Goes on smooth and perfect purse size.

Smells very nice ... only enough for one application due to the unseal-able package.

Very good product, I'll probably buy this when I get the chance. It makes my skin nice and smooth.

OMG!! Love this shampoo and it smells sooo good! I love these little mini bottles! They are perfect for vacation and travel! I love the convenience of the little bottles instead of the cheaper paper-plastic sample ones like the fructis one above.

I enjoy getting these target bags and will let you all know when they have the offer available again!

Til' next time

E.L.F. Mineral Eye Shadow Swatches Part: 2

So one of my first reviews was on the E.L.F. mineral eye shadows, and in that review I had swatches of the 20 shadows that I had. So now I have got the rest of the colors that they offer in the collection (due to the deal they had on their website for 10 free shadows with a $30 purchase). And my favorite colors of the bunch are Glamorous and Bronzed!! They are beautiful colors together... and the matte colors are a bit chalky so be careful...  anyway onto the swatches..

Innocent, Natural, Trendy, Sassy

Temptress, Glamorous, Bronzed, Partier

These shadows are good for the price and have good staying power as long as you use a good primer, however, they are a bit messy, and I find myself only using them if I become bored with my everyday products and if I have enough time to apply them. I would advise you, as I did in my last post about these eyeshadows, to keep the sticker on and to only poke through ONE of the holes, so that you won't have a huge mess every time you open it. Another thing I like to do is to use the eyeshadows wet... wet your brush slightly with water or fix+ and apply the shadow to your lids, after that I usually go back with a dry brush and pat on a bit more dry shadow just to intensify the color a bit more and take away a bit of the sheen. Also, apply these before your face makeup, so that you can easily wipe off any fallout.

Til' next time

June Glam Bag!

I'm back.. lol sorry I haven't been blogging lately.. I just finished school and started resuming normal activities lol... anyway I expect to update about two to three times a week because I have so many products to review!! Today I'm going to put up a few reviews just to get started and caught up. So onto the review...

This bag was really good in my opinion, myglam has, for the first time since I began receiving the bags, actually  given us 4 deluxe or full sized items to try. I enjoyed that this bag gave a mixture of things, something for hair, something for skin, and two makeup related items. Outside of enjoying the variety of products they sent, I also enjoyed the design of this month's bag, because it can be used as a small clutch (although the material is very thin, so I would not recommend putting too much in them.. just simple things like PMILK[phone,money,ID,lipgloss,keys]).
This is the bag. I love the gold glitter. I actually like the look of this bag better than any of the other ones!

This bag is a clutch, but the material is thin, so be careful not to overload it. Also, the magnetic snap closure seemed a bit weak and ready to rip off if stretched to its limits so be careful.

 I love this NYX circle lipstick. I love that NYX has so many different shades to choose from. In case you don't know, the bottom part (the part that shows the color of the lipstick), pulls off and there is more product inside! The color I received is iced honey (swatch is at the bottom of the review). It's kind of neutral on my skin tone, but the shimmers in it make it the perfect color for the center of my lips!
I haven't had the chance to try this yet but it's oil-free and I can probably get about 4-5 uses from the tube, I'll let you know how it turns out.

I didn't try this eyeliner yet simply because I have a lot of black eyeliners open that I need to use first... So this will probably be used in a couple of months lol. However, I did notice a few things, it says its a permanent eyeliner pen... I hope it's not difficult to come off because I hate scrubbing my eyes to get liner off. It also says don't use with lenses, so be careful.

This is the item I was most excited to try. It smells good, but I have not seen a true difference in my hair, maybe after a few weeks i'll see a difference...

Everything together.

Swatch of NYX lipstick in iced honey

SO .. overall I liked this bag a lot! They are starting to make me glad that I remained subscribed.. so hopefully they will keep up the good work and keep giving us different products to try.

Til' next time

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