Sunday, July 22, 2012

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color: Luxe, Brownstone, and Nouveau Neutrals.

Hello, So in only two more posts(including this one), I will be finished reviewing the E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color quads! Today I'm going to review the next three on the list, which are Luxe, Brownstone, and Nouveau Neutrals. These quads seem like they would be great for fall time looks for the school year. So lets get started...

Best Color(s): All of them are great colors. They are definitely perfect for the next season(fall).
Worst Color(s): The second color was a bit difficult to swatch because of the texture of the shadow(it felt dry). However, the color is great once you can build it up.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes! The colors are beautiful. I have a feeling I will be using this a lot this upcoming fall. These are great colors that just fit the season so well.


Best Color(s): The first three colors are good (not great). It has a good highlight color and a good blending color, with two colors for the crease. This is a good quad for someone looking for a lighter smokey eye, with less shimmer.
Worst Color(s): Some of the colors have little (but manageable) pigmentation, and can be a bit chalky. The last color was the worst as far as pigmentation, but it will still show up.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes, because this quad seems to be more matte. It has a lot of good neutral colors and has good blending colors.

Nouveau Neutrals:

Best Color(s): None
Worst Color(s): All. The first color is chalky and has a lot of fallout. The second color is an odd looking mildew/mint green. The third color is an extremely chalky soft peach, and the last color looks nothing like it does in the pan(even though if I had to pick one, it would be the best color in the quad). 
Would I repurchase/recommend: No, because the colors are not very pigmented and some are very chalky.

Best quad of the three: Luxe was the best quad because of the colors that were incorporated into the quad. They are very fall-ish colors which will be great for going back to school. 
Worst quad of the three: Nouveau Neutrals. Mainly because the other two quads were more useful (Luxe is perfect for fall and Brownstone is good for a subtle smokey eye). And this quad lacked pigment in many of the colors.

Overall, the first two are good quads for the fall and I know they will be used until the end. The last one is terrible. I will probably pass this on to one of my little cousins to play dress up with.

Til' Next time,

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