Sunday, July 22, 2012

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color: Hazy Hazel, Pretty N' Pink, and Day 2 Night.

Hello, so this is my final post reviewing the E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colors. Today I'm going to review the following quads: Hazy Hazel, Pretty N' Pink, and Day 2 Night. These are just fun quads that you can use to add a little color to your eyes without looking like a clown lol.

Hazy Hazel:

Best Color(s): The first and third colors are the best. The first is a very soft and smooth matte brown that is perfect for the crease. The third color is a nice matte light purple, that can be used to create great daytime looks.
Worst Color(s): The second and fourth colors are the worst. The second color is very chalky and is not pigmented. The fourth color is a little more pigmented and is a weird green gold color.
Would I repurchase/recommend: No, because although I do like some colors, I think that they should be more pigmented even though they are matte colors.

Pretty N' Pink:

Best Color(s):The first three colors are the best. The first color is a nice soft and creamy highlight(although it can easily become chalky). The second color is a very pretty soft baby pink. The third is a deeper more berry pink. All of these colors are soft and apply very nicely, however, be careful not to use too much because it can become chalky.
Worst Color(s): The worst color is the fourth color. It was very chalky and almost impossible to get an even application.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes. The first three colors are lovely. I love the fact that there are different shades of pinks, making any look easily changeable.

Day 2 Night:

Best Color(s): All of the colors are really good in this quad. The first is a good highlight (although it can get a bit chalky). The second is a beautiful purple, however, it is not as pigmented as it looks in the pan. The third color is a nice charcoal matte black. The fourth color is a pretty light coopery brown.
Worst Color(s): The only bad thing about this quad is that some of the colors look different then they do in the pan, some take a bit to build up, and the first one can be a bit chalky.
Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes. The colors in this quad are pretty and make it easy to compose a simple look.

Best Quad of the three: The best is Pretty N' Pink(Day 2 Night would be first it pink wasn't my favorite color) because it gives you different tones of pink that can compliment any look.
Worst Quad of the three: Hazy Hazel is the worst because of the lack of pigmentation in some of the colors, however. it is good that they put a lot of matte colors in that quad.

Overall, I enjoyed trying these quads and if I could I would not purchase (Nouveau Neutrals) a few of them(see previous posts), but some of them I am truly glad that I did(drama), and they were well worth the $1. These quads make traveling with  eyeshadows easy and worry free, because should it get misplaced on a trip, it is not difficult or killing my wallet to replace.

Til' next time,

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