Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Glam Bag!

SOOO I am so happy about this month's myglam bag! It was a great bag and I'm glad that I stuck with my subscription. This month we received five items instead of the usual four. There were two "or" items in the bag, but both choices were good, it seemed that most people either received the Buxom lip gloss and the juice beauty moisturizer or they received the Kiehl's lotion and the Josie Maran lip and cheek stain. Both seem like good options, at first I was hoping to get the cheek stain, but realized I would probably only use it once, so I was happy to receive the lip gloss instead.
This is the card with a list of all of the products that we have(or could have) received this month!
This is the bag for this month. At first I didn't think I would like it too much, but it is actually a nice bag, it has a mesh-y like material so that you can take this bag to the beach and water can slide right through it. This would also be great to take to hotels to use as a place to sit your shampoo and conditioner if there is not a place available. 
I LOVE THIS GLOSS!! It is amazing, I love everything about it-- from the tingle it leaves on my lips (to let me know that its still there and working) to the smell and shine of the gloss. This (although I didn't know it at first,) is a bare escentuals product. This is the mini and there is a larger size one available. The color I received is Leslie (which is a soft peachy pink with tiny shimmers in it).  
WOW this product smells so good(green apples)! My entire glam bag smelled like this. Its a good moisturizer and has SPF in it. I would def. repurchase when I run out. This product comes with a little piece of foil covering the opening to ensure freshness(at least I think that's why lol). 
Another NUME product..... well I haven't tried it yet but I have color treated and dry hair so we'll see how good it is... even though I wish they would have given us the shampoo as well.. But they also gave us a coupon for 50% off any product. 
These wipes are very nice and feel soft and gently on the skin. They smell good and are great for traveling. However, I don't think that they are the best at removing makeup. But I would probably still repurchase them because of the quality. I am very happy that they sent these to try because I had always wanted to try them but never got around to buying them.
Wow! I didn't know Andrea's Choice was coming out with her own line of products!! I actually found out that the same people/company that started myglam is the one that is helping her develop her line. Only downside is that her theme reminds me of Britney Spears (Circus). I'm happy to see that she is venturing out and creating her own brand and hopefully she keeps the same good quality that she put into this nail polish into her other products. In our bag we either received white or yellow nail polish. The container it comes in is very cute! The nail polish itself is in a nice glass jar with a silver ball inside to keep the ingredients mixed. The yellow has good color pay off and is not as bright as I expected. 

Overall this bag was great and I hope myglam keeps up the great work! Sadly, something tells me that we might get a few bags that aren't so good and then on their one year anniversary they may give an awesome bag, but I'm hoping to be dead wrong and the upcoming bags turn out wonderful.

Til' next time,

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