Thursday, March 28, 2013

April 2013 IPSY Bag Contents Spoiler Alert !

Hello all!
     I'm very excited to finally see some spoilers being revealed for the april IPSY 2013 bag. I hope this month's bag will be better than the last couple of bags.  See UPDATE BELOW for a list of the four items that will be in the bag.
So this is one of the items we will be getting in the bags. I personally hope to get the darker color. These are blushes from Be a Bombshell and retail for $16 each. It's great to see that IPSY is listening to the request of their customers by putting a blush into the bags.
In this pic we can see a pic of the bag which looks like a cute bag for spring, as well as the blushes.

The four items that will be in the april IPSY bag have been released:
1. Be a Bombshell Blush
2. Mica Beauty Shimmer powder in "Earth" (eye shadow?)
3. Nail Polish from Sation
4. Healthy Sexy Hair Spray

Be sure to check back here for sneak peeks! 
Til' next time,
Becca Nicole

*All images belong to IPSY