Friday, June 15, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!


So I received my free beauty bag from target!! :) Its a very nice bag and I would even compare it to the myglam bag, except the target one is free! When comparing it to the myglam bag, the target bag is made of better quality (in my opinion) and includes travel sized items and coupons. The bag is given out every few months and all you do to get one like them on facebook and enter your contact information. So onto the products...
This is the bag, its a nice size and pretty thick (thicker than any of the myglam bags).

Cute color, goes on smooth. I might buy this in stores.. but then again I already have so many lipsticks lol..

Glad they include this since it's summer! Goes on smooth and perfect purse size.

Smells very nice ... only enough for one application due to the unseal-able package.

Very good product, I'll probably buy this when I get the chance. It makes my skin nice and smooth.

OMG!! Love this shampoo and it smells sooo good! I love these little mini bottles! They are perfect for vacation and travel! I love the convenience of the little bottles instead of the cheaper paper-plastic sample ones like the fructis one above.

I enjoy getting these target bags and will let you all know when they have the offer available again!

Til' next time

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