Monday, March 12, 2012

March Glam Bag!

So I must say I'm once again disappointed with this months glambag. It seems like they just gave us a bunch of samples that I could have gotten at Macy's. I feel like I want to discontinue getting it but at the same time I'm hoping it will get better... and a part of me is afraid that once I discontinue it, the bag will get better and they won't open subscriptions. They sent out an e-mail saying that they understand that we want more makeup products, so I guess i'll give it another month or two.. okay so on with the products...
This bag is cute and a different material than the bag from feb.. It's thicker and maybe waterproof on the inside (not entirely sure), which is good for the quick trips to the beach. It's green and has springy colored flowers (maybe for St. Pat's Day). I like it, it seems more durable than the last bag.

Just a list of the things included.

This was the first time i've tried something like this. When you first squeeze the tube it feels very hard, like a thick liquid is going to come out... BE WARNED the liquid is thin! It feels a bit like oil, smells like ..umm.. a box. and taste like cheap lipgloss. So far I can't see a difference, but with time maybe there will be.

I've looked this up and it seems like a nice idea but I'm not sure if it will work. There might be enough for two applications, so I'll let you know if I see a difference.

This was a cute gesture. I love that the brush is pink and it comes with a pretty pink case, that can hold all the brushes you need for a quick trip away. I'm glad they gave us this, it's the most useful item in the bag (IMO) and I would have felt extremely ripped off if it wasn't in the bag.  

Lastly, in one of the mini drawstring bags (like the pink one from feb) there is a Dermstore $25 gift card, off of your purchase of $50... Once again, like in feb's bag, I'm not too fond of receiving gift cards to spend money I wasn't planning to spend. I feel like its a nice offer to someone who enjoys these products so if anyone wants it let me know. ... inside the bag is also a Pur-lisse sample of an spf 30 moisturizer .. so looks like I'm all set for the beach lol... and they send a sample of Murad eye lift protector... the packet is so thin I don't think there is anything in it lol but I don't need it since I'm only 21... I hope they stop sending anti-aging stuff like this to young girls who don't need it.

Til' next time..

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  1. I wish my glam would send different bags to each age group and skin tone