Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Glam Bag!

So this is gonna be a quick post about the February glam bag... just my thoughts on the products and stuffss... I think that they were a bit ...lazy? (srry no better words come to mind)... with the products in this bag... the only thing that was valentines day themed was bag itself! and maybe the roll on shimmer(if you got a pinkish color) .. this month was more of a skin-care bag than a makeup bag.. hopefully next month we will get more makeup stuff!
The bag itself--I have no complaints! Its cute and I needed a new makeup bag anyway lol.

This is the only product inside the bag that could have been related to valentines day(and I guess it depends on the color you get) . Its actually not that bad idk why but I thought it was gonna be filled with big chunks of glitter but to my surprise it actually is like a shimmer.. maybe a bit too shimmery for eyeshadow but maybe using it with a primer will help. (swatch down below)

I haven't tried it yet, but its a whiteish-clearish creamish-gelish lol idk it goes on clear and smells like something from proactive... used it on the back on my hand.. doesn't feel like I have anything on.. but I don't really see a difference... guess i'll have to wait until tom morn to try it... i'll let you know how it ends up working out

I've never tried this before...I guess it will be okay .. it only seems like enough for one use.. I wish they would have sent a full sized bottle like they did with last month's bag.. and I don't really like the smell of pineapple so hopefully its not to strong.

This SEEMS like a good offer but its kinda one of those things where you think your getting a deal, but your really not because they're still getting you to spend money on things you never would have brought in the first place (but if you were then it's good that this works out for you).... Most of the things I saw on the website, after the coupon would cost between $15 and $50 (plus shipping and handling).. Haven't decided if I'm gonna use it yet... it expires end of August so..

Umm yeah... this product..... sorry the pic's not too good BUT.... ummm... How many people our age have wrinkles? These baby samples (not at all deluxe size).. may be enough to lightly spread over your face..maybe... one of them is 'instant stretching and revitalizing mask' and the other is the 'biox anti-aging complex intensive age treatment cream'.... literally there is soo little in these you might have to use one thing on one half of your face and the other on the other side lol ... but they also give you a little 50% off if you want to get the cinderella mask...I haven't checked out the prices yet but maybe it's a deal.

Umm yeah ... I guess it was a nice gesture and made the bag seem more full...

NYX roll on shimmer in Salmon 

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